Set Up Multiple User Accounts on Your Jailbroken iPad

Pedro Fransceschi devloped, iUser hack for Jailbroken iPads that allows the iPad to have multiple iOS user accounts. Once signed in, each user can have their own set of app positioning, home screen wallpapers, settings, etc. The only caveat is backing up your iPad with iTunes.

iDownloadBlog points out in its blog "If you’re the kind of person that likes to use iTunes to backup your iPad, we’re not sure this jailbreak is for you – we honestly have no idea how iTunes will react to this particular tweak, but we’re fairly confident it won’t be pretty."

Add a user by simply tapping “Add User”, insert a name, passcode and choose whether they have admin rights or not. If you want to switch accounts once they are added, simply go to the lock screen and tap the Accounts button.

iUsers is available in the repository.