How To Save Your Android Phone Battery With This App?

Most of the time if you go out for a full day and you check your e-mails on the go, Facebook, tweet, surf the web and make your regular calls and texting you will find by the time you reach home your phone’s battery will either be dead or be almost dead.

In fact going two days without charging is kind of a stretch already, which is why this app by ChainFire called Nightmode v1.1.

Nightmode v1.1 acts as a theme of sorts for your Android device, mainly for use at night, hence the name, but on top of that, due to the color schemes available, it also helps to conserve power for your OLED screens which in turn conserves your phone’s battery in general.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on this app just head on down to the XDA-Developers forum where you will find download links as well as detailed instructions on how to get this app installed on your phone.