How to Save Battery on iOS 5 or iPhone?

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Excess power consumption in batteries of iOS 5 system has drawn the attention of, the inventor of this gadget. It is ready to launch an improved update. Till then users can follow some easy and simple tips to save battery life.

Easy Battery Saving Tips for iOS 5. is seriously dealing with the issue of extending battery life in iOS 5. The iPhone application and gadget giant has recognized the factors responsible for power performance of battery. It has promised to bring an updated version to solve this issue. By now many people have appreciated iOS 5. The issue of battery drainage is only creating controversy. For this reason many users of iOS 5 have complained about low battery life. Till release of new updates users can follow some tips to save battery in iOS 5:

1) Disable detection of time zone location: While traveling, users should disable feature of detecting time zone based on location. USE of GPS applications very often consumes more battery power. For this reason iOS 5 users should off GPS system when they are on travel. Navigation software or application work on GPS application system. If users are using such applications while traveling in a car, they should keep on charging iOS 5 to keep its battery full of power until reaching the decided destination.

2) Keep a check on unnecessary notifications: The best feature in iOS system by Apple is addition of notification system. This system works on GPS application interface and makes uses updated with weather and latest consumer services. The GPS application pulls latest information and updates from the notification center and displays it on the iOS system screen. It is better to turn off the option of notifications during sleep or leisure hours. This application also draws energy from the battery through GPS system.

3) Configuring correct mail settings: iOS 5 can be used with an optimized consumption of power by creating optimized mail settings. For this reason the user has to go to the mail settings option. He will have to go on the option of “fetch new data”. By pushing off this option the activity of mail background minimizes and battery power of iOS 5 is saved.

By following the above given tips users of iOS 5 system can minimize consumption of battery. Using extra applications like time zone detection, 3G, notifications and others during off time causes unnecessary power consumption. If these application features are turned off during travel or sleep hours, power is saved.