New iPod touch leaked?


Most spyshots that are leaked onto the Internet tend to result in blur images, perhaps so because the person shooting that particular device is nervous enough already, not to mention having to do so within a specific window of opportunity, hence the hurried movement resulting in a blur.

What you see on the right could very well be the next generation iPod touch, sporting a non-physical home button – which of course, is capacitative in nature. After all, whispers have abound concerning a button-free model for quite some time already, so it makes perfect sense if the next generation iPod touch will look like what you see here. 

This model sports a generous 128GB of internal memory with firmware 4.2.1MC14 running in the background. Boasting of an aluminum back, you can be sure that this will attract a whole lot of fingerprints so if you’re an early adopter, make sure you have a hanky or tissue handy nearby!