Toshiba P770, P775 Laptops Feature 3D Webcams

Toshiba has been leading the charge with glasses-less 3D displays, but the company has a series of laptops that take a step back on the display (it requires glasses for 3D), but makes a small step forward in 3D content creation.

Toshiba already offers its own range of course a laptop that can play content directly on the stereoscopic display using the Nvidia 3D Vision (Toshiba Satellite A665 3-D), but the time is ripe for an update.

Update will arrive shortly in the form of the Toshiba Satellite P770 Satellite P775 3D and 3D. Both machines are designed specifically to provide the best 3D experience without compromise: unlike the previous generation, the transmitter of 3D Vision technology is integrated directly into the frame of the display are also supported the conversion in real time 2D-3D el ’3D output via HDMI.

At the moment, popular apps like Skype or Google chat don’t support 3d yet, so we’ll have to see what this is really useful for, other than YouTube.

A possible workaround for video chat: what about converting the 3D stream into a red/blue old-style 3D video on the fly… In the meantime, would you pay an extra for the second webcam, or would you rather have another feature instead?