How to Update Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Firmware from XXKJ9 to XXKK3 (2.3.5 framework OTA)

If you belong to India, you will get an option to immediately update to a version within the 2.3.5 framework. There is an Firmware Update available for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 from XXKJ9 to XXKK3 Version.

Its a minor maintenance update to improve performance (thats what it actually says on the screen). The update size is 0.08MB.

Here is the steps:
  • First of all you go to Settings option and next tap on ‘About Phone’ option where you can see the details of your phone like Android Version, Build Number, Baseband version and Kernel version.
  • Next Tap on the About Phone > Software Update option, where you would see the option to ‘Update’.
  • In next step you need to Check on both Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, to accept them and then tap on the Confirm button.
However it is a 2.3.5 version (minor update within itself) and not a 2.3.6 as some people may have incorrectly mentioned. However this is the Indian version update.

After update Kernel Version will be root@DELL127 #2 and Build Number will be GINGERBREAD.XXKK3