Activity Summary of WikiLeaks Biggest Supporter


A group of hackers are in a war against those sites that have denied to WikiLeaks service call their activity as "OPERATION PAYBACK" .

Here I'm bringing you a short summary of the activites of "OPERATION PAYBACK" :
  • After pulling the plug on payments to WikiLeaks, Mastercard's website was taken down and remains out of service. 
  • The 1st Government website to be attacked was Senator Joe Lieberman's website & it was taken down for 12 minutes. 
  • Sarah Palin's website was taken offline by a small group of Anonymous attackers. 
  • The group sent spam faxes to Joe Lieberman's office & to PostFinance. 
  • PostFinance was attacked the hardest, leaving customers without the ability to conduct online banking. 
  • They took down the website of the lawyer representing the two women who were allegedly raped/assaulted by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. 
  • The group took down Assange's Swedish prosecuter's website.