Rahul Gandhi Warned U.S About Hindu Extrimist Group [WikiLeaks]


Rahul Gandhi warned US of Hindu extremist group claims WikiLeaks. In what could simmer into a major political controversy, WikiLeaks has revealed that Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi had told America last year that Hindu radical groups pose a bigger threat to Indian security than Islamic militants.

According to WikiLeaks, Rahul Gandhi had told American Ambassador Timothy Roemer last year that though there may be evidence for growing support of Lashkar-e-Taiba but the growing Hindu Extremism is much bigger threat.

The cables had claimed that Rahul had told, Narendra Modi had disturbed the Hindu-Muslim unity.
While comments from Congress Party leaders about internal threats from radical Hindu groups are not new, the fact that Gandhi expressed his views to U.S interlocutors is certain to spark a political storm in India in what is already a season of confrontation.

In a separate cable describing a meeting between India's National Security Advisor M.K.Narayanan and FBI Director Robert Mueller, a US official reports the former as describing "a changing trend in terrorists being recruited to jihad, saying that while in the past Kashmiri terrorist recruits were vulnerable because they were economically disadvantaged, any of today's terrorists were professionals  who came from well-to-do backgrounds."

The cable also attributes Narayan as saying "India is also seeing the beginnings of Hindu extremist that use violence," agreeing, the cable says, with the Director Mueller's point that terrorists come from more than just Muslim backgrounds.

Gandhi's focus, Roemer says, was on finding younger party members who would not carry some of the baggage of older Congress candidates. He aimed at rebuilding party structures in small towns and rural areas to attract voters and believed the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was vulnerable there. Roemer also records that he did not seem to be as focused on electoral efforts in bigger cities, such as Delhi and Mumbai.