How To Install Acid-CFW On PS3?

Recently, a new homebrew app was released for PS3 that enables full write access to the dev_flash on PS3′s internal flash memory icon smile PS3 Acid Customised Firmware 3.41.010 By TeaM ACiD1C! Run from USB, or install it directly to your PS3s Flash , you decide!

Some of the changes you will notice in Acid CFW 3.41.010:

★ New Haxx Category next to game

★ Check option for all games, PS3saves and gamedata (greyed out – Not working yet)

★ Quick sign Up in Haxx

★ Titlestore preview in Haxx

★ Titlestore preview (in game) in Haxx

★ Install Packages in Haxx

★ App/home in Game and Haxx

★ Performance Bar

★ No memory limit

★ Quick preview

★ Clear Cache

★ Owner Information for gamedata

★ Various Icon and text mods – POC

★ SaveData Ps1/2 shows up in JB mode

★ Custom firmware version in System info

★ Some other cosmetic differences

Here is the video which shows "How To Install Acid-CFW On PS3?"