Transferring Backups From PC To PS3 - Booting the game

If you want to Transfer backups from PC to PS3 you have to require CFW 3.55 with backup compatibility (ex: Kmeaw 3.55), Black Box FTP server, Backup manager (multiman, Gaia, rogero), Game backup on your PC and FileZilla.

Getting the backup from the PC to the ps3:
  • Ok so first thing your going to do is on your ps3 console open up/start Black Box FTP server.
  • Next, on your PC open up FileZilla.
  • On your ps3 with the FTP server running there should be an ip address on the screen.
  • Now type this ip address into the top left corner box titled 'host' on filezilla on your PC. Once you have done this click the "quickconnect" button.

Hostname: (IP showing on the screen of blackboxFTP on your PS3)
Username: FTPD12345 (it has to be this, not just a random one)
Port: 21
File protocol: FTP

Booting the game:
To be able to run the backups you’ll have to have a disc inside your PS3. Doesn’t matter what game, just have any disc inside.
  • First, open up your backup manager that you use.
  • Once opened, the list of games should now have the name of the game you transferred over from your PC.
  • *INSERT* a BLUE RAY disk into the console! (ANY DISK)
  • Now, click on the game you backed up and it should boot you back to the XMB screen. (IF using multiman, it will ask you if you want to boot the game without going to the XMB, click NO!)
  • Once you have been booted back to the main XMB screen, navigate over to the Game icon and scroll down to where the disk icon is. Now instead of saying the name of the blue ray disk you inserted into the ps3 it should say the name of the backed up game you chose to boot!