Bloggie Touch software now available for Macs

Good news for owners of Sony’s Bloggie Touch HD Camera that use Macs that Sony has released a Mac version of Sony’s bundled software.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, the streamlined editing and publishing utility was available for Windows users from the get go and you’ll now be able to download the update from Sony’s site.

This update is for current Bloggie Touch models that are on store shelves right now including the MHS-TS10, MHS-TS20 and MHS-TS20K. When the new Bloggie Entry, Bloggie Duo and Bloggie 3D (aka MHS-FS1, MHS-FS2 and MHS-FS3) become available, the updated Mac-compatible software will already be on board.

You can check out a video demonstration of the software after the jump.