Sony Vaio C Series

Sony has just announced the Vaio C Series, a new line of laptops that leverage design and performance to offer users a complete multimedia experience in a good-looking form-factor.

The Vaio C will be available in two flavors i.e 14″ and 15.5″, both feature LED-backlit screens and offer 1080p resolution as an option (one that I wish we had on the Macbook Pro 15).

It also packs with a Core i5 processor (codenamed Sandy Bridge) and a discrete AMD 6630 graphics processor.

The design includes a Blu-Ray drive, and there’s even a wireless HD option for those who want to connect to their HDTV without wires.

Finally, there’s a Sony touch if you already own a PS3: the Remote Keyboard software lets you use your Vaio C to navigate the PlayStation user interface.

Sony starts taking pre-orders on March 13.