Gawker Media websites hacked

A bunch of Gawker Media websites were hacked, where today they abruptly stopped publishing new materials after some mischievous hackers obtained access to the server of the company.

People who had accounts on the flagship Gawker, Gizmodo, Jezebel and the company’s other Web sites were told to change their passwords because, it said in a statement, “our user databases appear to have been compromised.” Working anonymously, the hackers indicated that they had found more than 1.3 million user names and passwords, though it was unclear whether all of the data had been decrypted.

The hackers published the passwords of some Gawker staff members and mockingly identified thousands of users who had listed their password as “password.”

“We’re deeply embarrassed by this breach,” Gawker said in a statement that was posted across its suite of Web sites on Sunday afternoon.

On Twitter, one of the bloggers for Jezebel wrote, “I’d write a post about how we’ve been hacked and can’t publish, but we’ve been hacked and can’t publish.”