How To Turn your iPhone 4 into a Dual SIM Phone?

There is a cool new accessory for the iPhone 4.
They have launched a Dual SIM Adapter for the iPhone 4 which lets you switch between two SIM cards on the device. 
  • The best part is that the adapter accepts normal SIMs , so you don’t have to use microSIMs. 
  • It works with the SIM Toolkit menu on the device and you don’t have to even reboot the phone to get it working. 
  • It works only with the iPhone 4 on firmwares 4.00,4.01,and 4.02 .The Adapter comes with a case which stores the SIMs. 
  • It does not look too attractive and there’s no dual standby support but seems like it does the basic job very well.
  • It costs $28.99