Android 3.0 SDK tools released

Google has just announced on the Android Developers blog that they are releasing a preview version of the Android 3.0 SDK tools today to give developers a feel of the updated operating system before it is officially released.

Honeycomb is a significant update to the Android operating system because it marks the first time that it will be optimized for the tablet platform. The main features of the operating system will be support for apps that take up a larger screen size, improved 2D and 3D graphics rendering, support for multi-core processors, an enhanced user interface designed to take advantage of a tablet’s larger screen, and more.

Developers are going to have a ball of a time playing around with the new features, and we can’t wait for Honeycomb tablets to land either. Head over to the Android Platform Highlights to find out more about the new features.

It was only over a month ago that Gingerbread was released and now Honeycomb is almost upon us. Who’s excited? Hit the break for a video introduction to Android 3.0: