Samsung Galaxy S gets the first taste of Android ‘Ice cream Sandwich 4.0’

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It was only in the last week of November, 2011 that Samsung confirmed that the popular Galaxy S 2 Smartphone will receive the first taste of Android 4.0 ‘Ice cream Sandwich’. However though this good news came with a sense of relief for all those gizmos, the exact date still remains a mystery.

The company has posted through Twitter that the Galaxy S will soon be receiving the updates but the time is yet to be decided by the same. The most exciting news is that the first phone that will be getting the taste of the Ice cream Sandwich will be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus that was released in the United Kingdom.

After Google and Samsung jointly revealed the Galaxy Nexus and the Android 4.0, the very obvious question in the minds of the people were about the announcement of the exact date when their Smartphone would be getting the first touch of this phenomenon called the Ice cream Sandwich. Until the last week of November, 2011, Samsung hasn’t provided us with the exact details of all the other phones that will also have the privilege of tasting this feature beyond Galaxy Nexus. While the Twitter fans and the followers started asking them too many questions about the release date, the eminent person of Samsung wittily dodged all the queries by posting that there is no more information about the ICS update and the handset compatibility.

The last week had been a busy week for the Android hackers and they had been able to port a semi-functional version of the latest version of Google ICS. As Google released the source code for the ICS, the hackers have all been successfully able to port ICS into the Galaxy S 2 in less than a week’s time. The Samsung Galaxy users should not be much excited with this version as this is the semi-functional version mostly because none of the radios work on such phones. The astute users of this phone will certainly understand that this is not the actual version of the ‘Ice cream Sandwich’ version of Android.

Apart from Samsung, HTC tried to provide more details about the smart phones that will be able to get updated to the ICS but it seems that most of the phones have to wait until next year to feel the taste of this sensational feature. On the other hand, Motorola has confirmed that it is going to bring the ICS updates to the smart phones of the same company within 6 weeks after the public push by Google. Sony Ericsson has also confirmed that it will upgrade the Xperia phone to ICS without making any comment on the exact date.