How to Activate Facebook Skype Video Calling?

Mark Zuckerberg announced Video Calling feature for facebook in partnership with Skype. This will give the tough competition to Google Plus's feature "Hangout".

Now Facebook users are going to get a lot better with the unveiling of Group Chat, an improved design for the chat buddy list, and video calling.

Here is the steps which shows how you can use Facebook Skype Video Calling:

1. Go to Facebook Video Chat and click on get started button.

2. In next step, it will show your online friend list in sidebar and then it will ask you to select your friend to start your video chat.

3. After selecting your friend, now its time to call him. Simply click on Video Call button from facebook Chat window to call your friend. 

4. Now it will ask you to install video calling setup. Click on setup button to continue. 

5. Now a popup is open to download a plugin to enable this video calling. Simply save this setup plugin and then open your setup file to install it. It will open a popup box while installing this facebook video call plugin in your browser.

6. When the installation is completed then it will redirect you on your friend’s video call.

7. When your friend is accepted your video call then Facebook Skype video chat box is open where you can start chatting.

8. And also if your friend is calling you, you will get a calling notification.