Google Fiber update

Early 2010 saw Google announce a new experiment that intends to speed up Internet access for just about anybody and everybody, with the ultimate aim of providing a community with ultra high-speed broadband that is 100 times faster than what most people enjoy today. Here's a quick update on what has become of the Google Fiber project.

"We had planned to announce our selected community or communities by the end of this year, but the level of interest was incredible—nearly 1,100 communities across the country responded to our announcement—and exceeded our expectations. While we’re moving ahead full steam on this project, we’re not quite ready to make that announcement. We’re sorry for this delay, but we want to make sure we get this right. To be clear, we’re not re-opening our selection process—we simply need more time to decide than we’d anticipated. Stay tuned for an announcement in early 2011."

Guess we will just have to wait for more detailed information to roll out next year, but it does seem as though Google Fiber is on the right track.