Google Chrome OS Demoed and Detailed by Google

Google today had announced more details and demoed Chrome OS to an audience of media in San Francisco, California. Some of the highlights of Chrome OS include its fast boot time and instant-on capabilities when resuming from sleep. 

According to Google, it literally takes just four steps to boot up a Chrome OS netbook, which takes under a minute, and users can resume the netbook with instant-on prowess. Google's saying there's no USB support as of yet on machines, and the OS is loaded onto RAM. 

An offline mode is also available, though that will be app specific and will be up to developers to implement into apps, which are coded in HTML5. When the apps detect an active Internet connection, it will go into online mode and synchronize with the cloud. 

The netbook will automatically update itself with newer builds of Chrome OS every few weeks, and Google Cloud Print will allow users to print to any printer available around the home. Additionally, multiple Google accounts are supported, along with a guest profile.