Google-branded Netbook with Chrome OS Expected to launch on Dec 7?

Some sources have told Engadget that Google will be holding some sort of event on Tuesday, December 7th. It looks like next week Google is going to start talking about how its Chrome operating system is coming along and on that day Google is also gearing up to launch its own self-branded netbook running the company's Chrome OS on December 7th at an event.

Sparse details about the netbook indicate that Chrome OS is still in beta. Additionally, there will only be about 65,000 units of Google's branded hardware, probably made mostly available to developers. Google PR did not respond to Engadget's inquiries and the blog so far has not received any invitation to the reported unveiling date on December 7th. Also, the date would appear to be in conflict with the Wall Street Journal's Dive Into Mobile conference hosting by AllThingsD.