Apple 27-inch Cinema Displays Faces Audio Problems

Since the October, users of Apple's 27-inch Cinema Display have been reporting audio problems with the monitor. An Apple discussion forum shows that users are reporting audio loss, and that some users note that the problem is temporary and is resolved when the display is unplugged and then plugged in again, but that the fix is only temporary as the problem returns.

Some said they have experienced the same issues while running the display with Windows as well, suggesting it is not a software issue related to Mac OS X. 

Some have found success by changing audio settings, and have suggested the problems are related to USB audio, as newer Macs that send audio over the Mini DisplayPort are apparently unaffected.

Other problems include a delay in adjusting volume from the keyboard, with some users noticing an up to 6-7 second delay. Apple has been sending out replacement displays, but those displays also carry the same problems and the company is aware of the problem. Those who use the display in the Windows environment have also noticed similar problems, indicating that the problem may not be software related.