LG and Microsoft will offer ten free Windows Phone 7 applications for two months

LG and Microsoft Corp. announced today that they are teaming up to provide customers with a free selection of quality applications for LG customers with Windows Phone 7 handsets.

LG and Microsoft will offer Windows Phone 7 applications across popular categories - including social connectivity, gaming and helpful utilities - ensuring that customers have access to the applications they value most. Ten free applications with a value of more than $30 (U.S.) will be given away every 60 days.

Chang Ma, vice president of the Mobile Communications Marketing Strategy Team at LG said:

"When we pledged early last year to support Microsoft's smartphone strategy, we knew we were making a decision that had the potential to generate ripples in the ecosystem. Microsoft's commitment to the developer community is well known and respected in the industry, and we look forward to seeing this partnership with Microsoft lead to greater things."

LG's Windows Phone 7 customers can download these applications for free (for a period of 60 days) via LG Application Store.