Microsoft Confirms that copy and paste is Windows Phone 7's first update

Microsoft has felt the need to come forward to clarify what their update will be about- probably just so we won’t raise our hopes up so high, especially after it was so hyped up in the tweets. That being said, sometimes rumors do turn out to be true as the software giant has released a statement confirming that an update is on the way to deliver the copy & paste feature to WP7 devices and it will be arriving in early 2011.

Today Microsoft gave the statement which says, “Microsoft is committed to delivering regular updates to the Windows Phone experience. Our first update will make copy & paste available in early 2011. In addition to this first update, all Windows Phone 7 users should expect to see additional updates delivered in the future as part of Microsoft’s ongoing update process.”

This should mean that Microsoft is focusing on getting copy and paste out first, before anything else. Other features will be slowly added over time, gradually building up the update- not something massive dropping like a bomb as advertised previously.