Panasonic Introduced 3D Camera

As we know that 3D technology smashing the world.In market there are many companies like samsung,sony,panasonic and much more.they introduced different kinds of things such as 3D televisions, cameras etc.Now the  Panasonic company has introduced a device which work on latest technology that is "3D camera".

This Panasonic 3D camera will be able to show prototype 3D system for the films & the TV productions.
Even you see your girlfriend in 3D through this 3D camera (ha.ha..),i m just joking.Let focus on 3D camera.

This 3D Panasonic camera can send different images to right and left eyes as the human brain construct an illusion of the depth & perspective with the image which come in from left and right eyes.

Previously the 3D films must require the two planes parallel to the camera but now the Panasonic Company said this will provide the complete sets of 3D camera.

It also supports for :-

  • The 1080p Full HD3D shooting three dimensional image together

It use:-

  • The flash memory cards
  • 3D plasma displays and 
  • The easy 3D ray shooting 3D videos

According tothe Lumix digital camera this camera will be available in Japan August 20.