WordPress New HTML5-Friendly Toolbox Theme

WordPress has just introduced Toolbox, a brand new theme that will let its users take advantage of some nifty HTML5 elements with the Custom CSS upgrade.

WordPress themes shaman and web designer Ian Stewart wrote today on the official WordPress blog, “Much like the Sandbox theme, Toolbox provides all the markup you need to build your very own theme with CSS alone–with one difference. Designers can use the Toolbox markup to do “anything you want,” according to WordPress. You can also use Toolbox to build your own WordPress theme for a self-hosted site.

“Toolbox uses some really exciting new HTML5 elements — like <article>, <header>, and <nav> — that better describe what your content is all about.”

To see Toolbox in action, check out this dummy site. Or, you can get started by downloading it from theWordPress themes directory.