How To Install CMN 6.1 Android NAND And Fix Wifi Problem (HTC HD2)?

How to install the cyanogen NAND rom on the HTC HD2 and how to fix the wifi problem. All files are listed below!

  • If you have not flashed NAND on your phone yet watch this tutorial video.
  • Download version 1.02 of the CMN 6.1 NAND ROM.
  • Download Hotfix to fix the Wifi problem: 
  • You need to download "Super Manager" from the android market. It's free When you are in terminal type in the following: ________________ su rm -f /system/lib/modules/ (Then Press Enter) cp -f /sdcard/hotfix/* /system/lib/modules (Then Press Enter) chmod 755 /system/lib/modules/ (Then Press Enter)