Samsung OLED TV Coming Soon

Just imagine about a T.V Screen which you can carry with you and also you can fold its screen. 

Samsung Mobile Display's Senior Manager, Mr. Kim Seong Cheol, intoduced a flexible 0.2mm AMOLED display which can be bent very easily. Company is currently capable of producing a 0.1mm thick (or we must say thin) fully flexible AMOLED display. 

According to Mr. Kim Seong Cheol, company is capable to commercialize a rolled up OLED TV upto 2013-14 and thats what we are looking for. 

According to a source, Samsung is also going to develop a digital OLED Newspaper, featuring a touchscreen that allows its readers to go through the content. 

With all these latest and fancy display technology which Samsung is going through now-a-days, just imagine how you'll be reading news and watching television in future.