Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab Delayed By Manufacturer?

Well, SKU 1409447 of the 7-inch Android tablet is being promoted right now in the weekly ads on Best Buy's very own mobile site. A leaked picture of a Best Buy "pullback" notice has surfaced, confirming that the Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab will not be available just yet due to a manufacturer delay.

The whole Best Buy listing turns out to be an unhappy comedy of errors showing a non-existent "silver" 3G model on Sprint and wishful "Super AMOLED" display. Nonetheless, the company announced earlier this week that it had sold over 600,000 of the 7-inch Android tablets worldwide since the official launch, and confirmed that it was on track for 1m sales by the end of 2010.

Samsung has commented on delays for the device but other than that, details have been scarce. Hopefully the delay is only a short one, especially since Christmas is just around the corner.