Google Nexus 2 releasing on NOV 8?

Nexus 2 is an updated version of Samsung Galaxy S. As we all know that Samsung galaxy S is a good Android Powered Smartphone.

Rumor said that Google Nexus 2 might actually be an updated Samsung Galaxy S, It will running on Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread and Hummingbird processor.
Some rumors says that it will release on Nov 8.

Here’s the specifics from last nights super secret tipster
  • The device will be the Nexus S
  • It will be branded as a Google experience device featuring Android 2.3
  • It will have the same 4″ SAMOLED screen seen on the Galaxy S devices
  • It will feature the same Hummingbird processor from the Galaxy S handsets
  • It will be easily rootable like the Nexus One was
  • It will be at least GSM, unknown about carrier or CDMA
  • It will have no hard buttons on the face, similar to a Vibrant