iOS 5 jailbroken

It was only yesterday when the iOS 5 was announced and the beta was made available to developers but yet wasting little to no time, hackers MuscleNerd and Co have managed to jailbreak iOS 5 on the iPod touch fourth generation.

Musclenerd, one of the core members of the iPhone Dev Team, has posted a tweet showing some screenshots of Cydia and iSSH (apps that only run on jailbroken iPhones) on the homescreen of the developer version of iOS 5 which was seeded to developers yesterday.

It’s been touted that the current iOS exploit can’t be fixed without a hardware update – which means that until the next generation of iPhone and iPod Touch devices are released, iOS users should have no problems jailbreaking their phones.

In case you were wondering, jailbreaking allows users to run apps that they normally aren’t allowed to run on a regular iOS device and brings a whole new level of customizability to the operating system.