Facebook announced photo tagging for pages

Facebook has officially announced the new feature for users to tag Pages in photographs. Now people have the ability to tag Pages in their photos on Facebook in the same way they can tag their friends.

Previously, photo tags were limited to just people – friends you knew, family and so on. You couldn’t tag your favorite band or celebrity on Facebook if they were on a Page and you didn’t have them as a friend. All that changes today. Tags can now be applied to Pages of brands & products, or People categories.

To tag a single photo you are viewing:
  • Click the photo you wish to tag and select "Tag This Photo" below the photo.
  • Type the name of the people or product Page you wish to tag.
  • Repeat this process for every Page in the photo that you would like to tag.
  • Click "Done Tagging" in the bottom left corner.

Don’t fret if you can’t tag a Page just yet, like all updates to Facebook, it’ll take awhile to roll out across the world.