How to Keep Your Facebook Secure (by Enabling HTTPS)

Facebook recently announced that they're adding full HTTPS support for the site, to keep you protected from attacks like Firesheep. The feature's finally rolling out, and here's how you can turn it on.

It wasn't available at the time of the announcement, but we've seen it pop up in our settings menus this week, so it might be time to take another look at yours.

To enable it just follow these steps:
  • just hit "Account" in the upper-right hand corner of Facebook window
  • go to "Account Settings"
  • Under "Account Security", hit the change button
  • check the box that says "Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible". 
  • Hit save and exit that window

From now on, whenever you connect to Facebook, it will default to an SSL-encrypted connection, keeping you safe on open Wi-Fi networks from Firesheep-like attacks.