Android 3.0 hack for NOOKcolor now available for download

Android 3.0 Honeycomb update is now available for download for your NOOKcolor, thanks to the good people over at the XDA-Developers forum.

Hacker @deeper-blue managed to work out graphics acceleration, the accelerometer, Wi-Fi connectivity, touchscreen display, button and sleep/wake-up features and capabilities for the device over the weekend.

There are still a couple of niggling issues that need some time to figure out, including sound output and DSP, as well as hardware video decoding. The entire unzipped image file weighs in at a rather hefty 4GB, so you might want to download this overnight and install it the next morning.

Bear in mind that using this unofficial hack is at your own risk, so if your NOOKcolor bricks due to unforseen circumstances, don’t go crying to him.