How iFilesTurn Your iPhone into a Mini Laptop?

Have you ever wished there was a way to constantly have your resume or  some other important document available right at your fingertips? Now you can, thanks to iFiles by Imagam.

iFiles allows users to upload documents, movies, music and even pictures from their MAC or PC to their iPhone – and vice versa. iFiles users can view PDFs, Word and iWorks documents.

One of the best features of iFiles is that you can share your photos, documents, music and movie files with other iPhone and iPod users.

iFiles also has a voice recorder, which is quite handy because it allows users to not only record reminder messages for themselves, but they can also share voice reminders or messages with their friends.

Users of the iFiles app can also create and edit text files; making it the ideal app for the businessperson or student on the go.

The app also acts as a music player by allowing users to playback both music and video files. When large files come into play, iFiles allows users to zip and unzip said files.

Users can also effectively manage their files to fit their needs thanks to a large range of capabilities that include copying, pasting, renaming, moving and deleting.

The only downfall of the program was the lack of clarity on how to use the app. It took a few Google searches to figure out how to transfer files from the computer to the iFiles app. But once the file transfer process was figured out, iFiles proved itself to be quite the efficient and convenient productivity app.