Google Voice supports incoming number ports

Odds are there that you are a Google Voice user, and if you have placed incoming number portability on your wish list for the longest time, then you can let out a whoop of joy – as such a scenario is now capable of happening. 
Google has finally made it official, where they have implemented incoming number portability from this evening onwards. Porting your number into your Google Voice account is a snap as all you need to is click on Settings in the top right corner, followed by Voice settings. 

On the phone tab located next to your Google Voice number, click on Change/Port, where after that, you click on “I want to use my existing mobile number instead” and follow the on-screen instructions to port your number. Ain’t that a snap? Oh yeah, we ought to warn you in advance that doing so will lighten your pockets of $20, but isn’t it worth every penny to have your number in the cloud indefinitely?