Google Android Ported To Google Cr-48 Notebook

There is another good news for Google Cr-48 Notebook Users. Few days ago, OSX and Windows 7 got ported over to Google’s Cr-48 notebook. It looks like you can now install Android on Google’s Cr-48 notebook.

Photographic evidence comes to us from Hexxeh, the same guy behind the first two ports successfully brought the mobile OS over to the (relatively) big-screen.

While Google Chrome OS is basically nothing but a web browser, Android has a web browser and the ability to download and install third party apps. It’s a lot more useful if you happen to want to use your computer when there’s no internet connection available.

Hexxeh hasn’t posted any details about which version of Android he’s running or what steps he took to install it but expect more information to be released when it’s ready for the public.