OnLive CEO Dismisses Plans To Take On Netflix

It was previously rumored that OnLive would be getting into the streaming movie business, and that didn't seem too farfetched since the company seems capable enough to offer its rather unique streaming gaming service. 

OnLive CEO Steven Perlmancorrected these wild ideas, noting that even when he had earlier said that OnLive could do what Netflix does, he had qualified that statement by noting that Netflix’s strength is really in its library.

While that might clear the air slightly, considering that OnLive's forte is its gaming service, we're actually glad to hear that the company is focusing on that for the moment, especially since it's looks like the service is going to be an attractive alternative to the normal method of gaming.

They’ve got a whole market to change here, it’d be weird for them to go shooting off in Netflix’s direction before proving themselves in gaming. So let’s all just calm down.