How to buy Apple iPhone 4 in India?

Lots of people of India want to purchase iPhone 4 but its not avialable here. But there are lots of sites which are providing iPhone 4 in India.

In few countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, NewZealand etc, due to government policies and restrictions, Apple is forced to sell factory unlocked iPhone 4. These factory unlocked iPhones are nothing but legally unlocked iPhones which are not tied to any one service provider as in US and UK. You are free to use these factory unlocked iPhone 4 devices with any cellular service provider anywhere in the world, without voiding your Apple warranty. you can buy Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 for Cheap from site unlockiphone4k.

Now is also showing couple of merchants selling iPhone 4 to Indian customers. is charging a price of Rs. 39,554 for the Apple iPhone 4 16GB, and Rs. 46,757 for the Apple iPhone 4 32GB. 

You can also buy it from Ebay India. you can buy 16 GB Black color iPhone 4 in through Ebay at a price of Rs.41,211 only. is charging a price of Rs. 43,950 for the Apple iPhone 4 16GB, and Rs. 52,500 for the Apple iPhone 4 32GB -- untampered, boxed, unlocked iPhone 4 units from Apple UK. claims to deliver the iPhone 4 to your doorstep.

In the checkout step -- you are shown the details of your iPhone 4 purchase. The iPhone 4's estimated delivery time is 4 to 5 weeks within placing the order.

Image courtesy:- pcworld