Search engine Blekko launches

Blekko officially opened its public beta, launching a new search engine that brings large-scale human curation to web search.The result is an improved search experience that delivers results from high quality sites, leaving behind spammers, aggregators and content farms.

Blekko, claim that their search engine will deliver an improved search experience which offers results from high quality sites, marking out spammers, aggregators and content farms for easier reading. This is made possible thanks to a simple tool called a slashtag. Slashtags are curated sets of web sites organized around a particular topic. These cover topics as broad as health, money, and autos, and as narrow as gluten-free and neurotechnology. Slashtags are added to search queries and limit search results to only the curated sets of sites.

Rich Skrenta, CEO of Blekko said:
“Today is the first step in a process of building a volunteer army at Blekko that will eventually slash spam from search and deliver the most relevant results. As the number of URLs on the web increases from billions to trillions, it will take a layer of human oversight to separate the trusted content from the spam.”