HTC 7 Trophy,HTC 7 Mozart,HTC 7 Pro and HTC 7 Surround :Hands On, HTC HD7:Preview

HTC announces their four models in Window Phone 7 launch event. These handsets are : HTC 7 Trophy,HTC 7 Mozart,HTC 7 Pro and HTC 7 Surround.

The HTC Surround comes with 1 GHz Snapdragon processors and 16 GB built in memory. It priced at $199.99. The multimedia Surround sports a. 3.5-inch LCD, slide-up Dolby stereo speakers and a kickstand.

The HTC 7 Trophy has 3.8-inch WVGA LCD, 1GHz Snapdragon Processor and the 5MP camera.

The HTC 7 Mozart has 3.7-inch LCD screen. It's body is made from aluminum which conveys durability to this phone.

The HTC 7 Pro has 3.6-inch Screen. The HTC 7 Pro comes with QWERTY keyboard.

While no official announcement was made, leaked reports have the HTC HD7 as the first T-Mobile Windows Phone sometime later this year.

Here is some photos of HTC's Handsets:

HTC 7 Trophy:

HTC 7 Mozart:

HTC 7 Pro:


HTC 7 Surround: