Sony working on Hybrid FPA Crystal Alignment Technique to improve response time of LCDs

Sony Corporation (hereafter 'Sony') has developed "Hybrid FPA (field-induced photo-reactive alignment)", a new liquid crystal alignment technique which enables a significantly faster response time for liquid crystal displays. Fast responses of less than 3ms have been achieved in test cells through this technology.

It can also help achieve production efficiencies by reducing the manufacturing process and time. The technique that Sony uses is built on Sony's current FPA technique and creates a stable and even alignment of liquid crystal molecules that improves response time and contrast ratio.

The new "Hybrid FPA" technology is the result of further development of the aforementioned "FPA" technology with its superior features. "Hybrid FPA" technology has achieved an even faster liquid crystal response time by maintained the pre-tilt on just one side of the substrate alignment layer. Sony will be demonstrating it on December 2nd at IDW 2010 and it will available in market soon.