Samsung show flexible foldable 3D OLED-TV concept


Samsung recently showed off a flexible, foldable 3D TV concept that hints at the future of 3D TV. The idea is a foldable 3D-OLED-Tv,so you can enjoy your 3D content everywhere and not only in your living room. We think that this goal is possible in 5-10 years. SMD show a high resolution bendable FOLED at the FPD-International-2010.

The OLED panel can be folded and would give better viewing angle of the 3D content that is playing so that the viewer doesn't need to sit directly in the middle to achieve an optimal viewing experience. Additionally, with the 3D panel being foldable, it may create for a more immersive television watching experience as you can be surrounded by the content that's playing, bringing you in closer to the action that's on screen.