Friendly iPad Facebook App Is Now Free !

There is a great news for Facebook users and iPad lovers alike. Facebook doesn’t offer an iPad app. Friendly is currently one of the most popular unofficial Facebook apps for the iPad out there, chalking up over 500,000 users and that's quite a feat considering that the app isn't free.
The free version will be ad-supported, and you'll be able to get an ad-free version by shelling out $0.99 for the app. the app will rack up even more downloads because 1) again, Facebook doesn’t have an official app and 2) Friendly is a very solid way to use Facebook on the device.

Co-founder Cyril Moutran says :
“We’re making Friendly for Facebook free, because we want to expand our user base and put Friendly for Facebook in as many people’s hands as possible. The Facebook Platform team in particular deserves kudos for their around the clock dedication at providing help and guidance to developers on iOS SDK.”

The app also brings a native app look, feel, and performance to Facebook. That may not sound like much, but given the usage numbers, it definitely can’t be overlooked. 

Moutran also says:
“We’re really excited because Friendly for Facebook has been an extremely successful paid application. It’s held the top overall spot for paid applications for more than 40 days, and it’s been the top paid social media iPad app since we launched version 1.0. But we want as many people as possible to be able to experience Friendly for Facebook so that’s why we are making it free.”