Facebook Introduce New Profile Page [Photos]


This morning, Facebook has just announced that it is introducing a new profile page design that, Facebook hopes, will provide a better overview of who you are - at first glance. 60 Minutes will be broadcasting an interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and VP Product Chris Cox, where they’ll debut a new Profile Page in front of millions of viewers. I love the new update to the Facebook Profiles... it puts more of what you want to know in one place. Picture scrolls on your wall, updated education and work information... I love this added feature.

 Since I own my own business it provides me an opportunity to showcase projects I am working or have worked on in the past. You can list and link to the individual you worked with on your project. Since I am a tech blogger, I would like to be able to list and link to the other tech websites, I may be working for as well. Facebook will also be updating Business Pages... some of us got to see a preview of that today and I am excited by what I saw.

Facebook Product Manager Peter Deng explains that on the old profiles, some of the most popular features and information has been a pain to find — the ‘View more photos’ link, for example, is immensely popular, but it’s been nestled between far less important links for years.

You’ll notice on the new profile pages involve major layout changes. Your vital stats — birthday, employer, current city, and the all-important relationship status — are now featured at the top of the page. A photo stream appears just below it, showcasing a handful of the photographs you’ve most recently been tagged in.

It appears as if the oft-forgotten “Poke” has been moved to the top of the page (maybe Zuckerberg listened to our rallying crya few months back) next to a more visible “Message” button. In perhaps the most dramatic change, tabs like “Wall” and “Info” are now located to the left of the page under the profile picture, instead of at the top of the page. Other changes to the Info tab include the addition of new categories that you can add interests to, including Philosophy and Sports. Another very important change involves how Facebook is approaching the roll-out of the new profiles.

You can look at the screenshot of my own profile to get an idea of what it looks like (or visit facebook.com/khushdeepsingh7), or you can try it for yourself, by trying to switch from this page.

Overall, this look like a good update. Facebook says that the new profile will roll out slowly, so don't be surprised if you can't use it right now. More info on Facebook’s blog.