Starling Netbook Goes Dual Core

System76's Starling netbook has been given a specifications upgrade. The company offers two netbooks – the Starling EduBook and the Starling NetBook which appears to be the same as the Jolibook and has now got an upgrade to a dual core Atom N550 processor.

At a price of $385 this 10 inch mini-laptop comes with Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook edition and a 3 cell battery. It also now includes a 1.5GHz Intel Atom N550 dual core processor.

Another interesting point about the Starling netbook is it isn’t bound by Microsoft’s hardware restrictions for Windows 7 Starter, there are also a upgrade options that you won’t find on most netbooks.

The 2GB RAM is shipped as standard, while doubling the cells in the battery will add another $59 to the final price point.

System76 has also announced that the company will begin shipping internationally by the end of the month on a limited basis.