AT&T-branded BlackBerry Bold 9780 available on eBay

BlackBerry Bold 9780 just landed at T-Mobile last week, but AT&T is not wasting any time getting its hands on the latest Bold as well. Folks out there have discovered that an AT&T-branded version of the device has surfaced on eBay, with the asking price listed at $899.

The newest addition to the Bold lineup, the 9780 carries a notable upgrade to BlackBerry OS 6 along with a higher-resolution camera and 512MB RAM - double the 9700's memory.

The seller claims that the carrier won't officially offer the device until 2011, so if you're impatient and have money to burn, it's something that you could check out. That being said, if you're willing to forgo a speedy 3G connection, you could still pick up the phone from T-Mobile to use on AT&T.