Apple TV users reporting color issues with Sony and Philips TVs


There are some reports coming in of issues when the new Apple TV is paired with certain Sony or Philips TVs. As you can see above, those issues can include a rather unfortunate pastel color scheme (apparently common on Philips TVs), while others are also reporting inverted colors, and green or black screens.

As for Apple, at least some users who've contact the company about the problem say it is aware of the issue, but early reports from those who've applied the Apple TV 4.1 update suggest they haven't fixed the problem just yet.

Users reporting the issues suggest this is a problem with the Apple TV, the HDMI cable and certain models of Sony and Philips TVs. Models mentioned in the thread include the Bravia KDL-37S500, Philips 32PFL7404H/12, Philips 56PFL9954H. The same models worked fine with the first generation Apple TV.