Acer announce Libretto W105 with Iconia dual-screen laptop / tablet


Here in New York at Acer's Global press event, the company's talking touch. Lots and lots of touch. It'll be introducing a veritable smorgasbord of equipment as the minutes roll on, but it's kicking things off with its Windows 7-based Iconia dual-screen laptop / tablet. 

For all intents and purposes, this is Acer's version of the Toshiba Libretto W105 (or that far-flung ASUS concept we saw at CeBIT 2009), boasting a pair of glossy touchscreens and no hard specifications to speak of. Naturally, you won't find a keyboard here -- rather, a virtual one will emerge from the secondary panel. 

There's also a fairly slick media management system that's obviously gesture based -- some real potential there. We'll be digging for details surrounding a price point and release date, but for now, have a gander at the image above andjust imagine how it could revolutionize your life.